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About our company

Every invention is born out of necessity. Living in a large pasture, my horse continually got into nettles. His nose was peeling and began to resemble leprosy. Endlessly searching for some kind of product that would heal his muzzle without harsh chemicals, there was nothing to be found. After 2 Veterinarian bills and hours of research, I came to the conclusion that I needed to create my own product. I did this by combining the finest oils and the most refined butters to create Velvet Nose, the first all natural skin protectant salve for horses. As an anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti parasitic & anti-microbial salve, Velvet Nose will protect the horses muzzle, has a natural SPF of 8 and will keep the flies away. Additionally created the first all natural Equine 30SPF Cream Sunscreen S.O.S(Shade out sun). Also, Velvet Tail cures "Flaky Dock" within 3 applications and grows longer, stronger tail hair more quickly by replacing the natural oils necessary for a healthy tail. 

The Malibu Bath Rocks were born in 2013 to heal muscle injuries more quickly for top level equestrian competitors. The History/science of the Malibu Bath Rocks can be viewed at Malibu5starnaturals. By 2015 picked up the Malibu Bath Rocks and has been selling ever since.